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JohnstonWorks is pleased to announce that after 11 years in business we will be expanding our operations into China and Hong Kong. This will be achieved by merging with one of China’s leading independent creative agencies, DK & Partners.

The merger will take effect (in a slow and controlled manner) during the course of 2015 and is prompted by the growing demand for brand strategy and improved design quality and direction within the Asia Pacific region.

DK & Partners have specialised in spatial and experience design for over 18 years and have operations in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. They enjoy successful relationships with well-known Chinese brands such as PCCW, Mannings and Xintiandi as well as international corporations such as P&G, Samsung and Coca-Cola.

JohnstonWorks’ expertise in branding and communication design, dovetails nicely with DK & Partners’ skill set. Clients will benefit from the wider range of multi-disciplinary services in the longer term. Our new company will be called JWDK.

The new company
JWDK is a brand experience agency. With nearly two decades of understanding businesses in China, UK, Europe and Australasia, we succeed in building customer loyalty and success for our clients’ in the local and international marketplace.

Co-owned and managed by Kirsten Johnston and Daker Tsoi (pictured), JWDK will employ two regional Directors, 15 designers and production staff, 10 account managers and seven financial and support staff. We will operate in Shanghai, London, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

The services we offer include:
•    Branding (strategy, creation, implementation)
•    Digital design
•    Communication design
•    Spatial design (retail stores, offices, restaurants, bars, shared spaces)
•    Experience and way-finding design (innovation centres, visitor centres, museums)
We also manage full production services including copywriting, translation, typesetting, programming, print, sign making, shop fit-out and interior construction.

In the meantime…
JohnstonWorks will continue “business as usual”, as will DK&Partners. Our contact details will remain the same and clients should expect no disruption to the service we provide. Clients and suppliers will be notified directly about the development of the merger and any relevant timings.

We look forward to our future growth and new beginnings as a united business.


The back story
Together in 1996, Kirsten Johnston and Daker Tsoi ‘slaved’ away in a busy Hong Kong design studio learning their trade as budding designers. While Kirsten developed her career further in Melbourne and then London (where she launched her own business, JohnstonWorks, in 2003), Daker explored China instead. He established a successful ‘commercial space’ design business (DK&Partners), launched three office locations and has grown an impressive client list. So, after many dim sum lunches and lots of chat, now is the right time to bring their businesses together – along with all their wisdom, their staff and clients – to make this an exciting adventure for all involved.


Kirsten Johnston (London)
t: +44 (0)20 3195 2388

Daker Tsoi (Shanghai)
t: +8621 6415 1163

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